Write Side Down Days

She closed the door quietly before taking a deep breath and slumping into her chair.

Leaning her head back, she could feel the fatigue from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes.

Will the overwhelm ever end?
Will I ever be able to make this – the book, the work, the personal life I want to create – a reality?
Will I lose my sanity, and maybe my loved ones, in the process? 

She took another deep breath, trying to relax the growing tension in her body – tightening chest, stiff shoulders, and head ready to burst.

I feel so alone…like I have to do it all by myself. It’s all up to me, and yet I’m so busy taking care of everyone else and their stuff that I am not giving enough time to what matters most to me:

  • my work, my book, my business
  • my health, my finances
  • my marriage + parenting challenges
  • and my own soul – that wants to PLAY and PAINT and DANCE and JUST BE with the people I love

Images of fleeting dreams and pressing challenges raced through her mind, making her heart race.

I have to do something different…but what?

The buzzing of her phone brought her back to the room, and she laughed through tears as she read a text from one of her dearest friends:

“Hey, Sista! I know everything feels upside-down right now and that
you’re struggling to do it all and be everything to everyone.
And I know you feel alone – I thought I was too – but we’re not.
I just found something I believe will help both of us. Check it out:

We are a community of Upside-Down mommies/daddies + wives/husbands
+ caregivers, entrepreneurs + professionals, and writers + speakers + coaches +
healers + world-changers who get together twice a month to Write-Side-Down.
We spend two full days every month, rewriting the stories that sabotage our
dreams, connecting with like-hearted people, cultivating our creativity
and joy, up-leveling our lives, and getting our projects done.

Listen, things are getting better for me, but I still need this type of support…
to keep me moving, to keep me true to myself and the life I am creating.
Will you come with me?”

“That sounds like exactly what I need.
Count me in. Thank you!”



you’ve been inspired to become the best version of YOU + help others

you’ve set goals to write a book, heal a relationship, grow a business, + create a life you can love completely

you took some solid, promising steps forward


But now find yourself

busy doing everything else

exhausted from taking care of everyone else

feeling frustrated + alone

knowing that CHANGE starts with you

but unsure about the HOW


You’re Not Alone. 

And you don’t have to be.


I’ve co-created a community of
Upside-Down MessagePreneurs
(authors + speakers + coaches + healers + entrepreneurs)
mommies/daddies + wives/husbands + caregivers,
and entrepreneurs + professionals,
who get together twice a month to Write-Side-Down.

We spend two full days every month,
rewriting the stories that sabotage our dreams,
connecting with like-hearted people,
cultivating our creativity and joy,
up-leveling our lives,
and moving projects forward.



If you are craving:

+ a community of like-hearted people who get it

a safe place to talk about what’s really up for you personally + professionally

support in rewriting the stories that are sabotaging your dreams

a space to relax and play and dance if you wanna

and time to move your projects forward

Then I would love for you to join us for the next

Write Side Down Day

and see if this community is a fit for you!


(scroll down to see the When, Where, and What!)



Why WRITE Side Down?

After years of:

hearing, “I want to write (a book, a blog, etc.),
but don’t know what to write about…”

helping aspiring and struggling authors get their messages
on paper and into the world

writing my own book

and rewriting and healing my own stories…

I came to the conclusion that: 

the inspiration to write is a Divine invitation to uncover more of
our Magic Egg + become more of who we are meant to be

the process of writing clarifies, purifies, and heals

and story-telling is the most powerful tool we’ve been given
to rewrite our stories, heal our lives, and help others do the same

So on WRITE Side Down Days, we write… 

to clarify + heal the stories that sabotage our dreams

to uncover who we really are

to create new stories for us + those we love

to connect with + help others

to bring our dreams into reality

to do what we’re here to do…become who we already are.


Every Write Side Down Day Includes

Powerful, Experiential, Sacred Breakthrough Circles

Yes, I am present to facilitate them and keep them sacred.

Play Time: Exercises to Cultivate Creativity + Joy

Oh man, do we have fun!

Time to Move Your Projects Forward with Velocity

And then it’s time to move with velocity through those projects!

Access to Me for Quick On-the-Spot Coaching (Book, Biz, etc.)

If you get stuck, I will be there to coach you through it!

Community + Networking Opportunities

These are some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet!


I hope to see you at the next
Write Side Down Day!

1st and 3rd Tuesday every month
8am – 4pm

Renaissance Mind
2576 Hamner Ave – Norco, CA

What’s Included
We provide tea, coffee, water, and a few snacks.

What to Bring
An open mind and heart.
Whatever you need to work on that day.
Your lunch and snacks if needed.

Your Investment
Your first visit is on US!
Literally, the community pays for you!


If you decide to join, you get
2 Write Side Down Days every month for only $67,
or 1 Write Side Down Day every month for only $47.

And you can bring your friends for FREE for their first time as well!