Keynote/Workshop Topics


For UpsideDown MessagePreneurs*

*aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, healers, or entrepreneurs
who know they are called to share a message with the world,
but feel frustrated, confused, or stuck…

Developing + Branding Your Powerful Message

Are you worried about getting lost in the crowd of emerging speakers, authors, and coaches? The MessagePreneur™ industry is growing quickly, and Amanda will show you how to uncover a powerful message, brand, and delivery process to make yourself memorable and get the results you seek with your audiences and clients.

Transforming Your Audience + Your Bottom Line

Do you have a life-changing message but feel like it falls short (or flat) when you put it on paper or speak it from a stage? Amanda will show you a few easy ways to change the lives of those in your audience, increase your revenue, and make your life unrecognizable.

Meant for More: The SpiritDriven MessagePreneur

Are you stuck? Feeling like you cannot move forward and share the message, story, or expertise you know you are called to share? Amanda will help you identify why you are stuck and what you can do to break through and powerfully step into your purpose NOW.

For UpsideDown Parents

*parents who want to raise emotionally healthy, happy children, and are struggling to find an approach that feels good to them and the children

The Butterfly Approach to Parenting

Do you want a more fulfilling relationship with your child? Feel like you are doing everything you know how to do, but something is still not right? You’re not as close as you want to be, or the power-struggles happen too often? What if there is a different way to look at this whole parenting business, and what if you and your child could begin to live and love with no limits?

Applying the 7 Principles of Amanda’s Butterfly Approach to Parenting will allow you to create immediate and lasting change with your children, so that you can enjoy them, learn from them, and love them wholeheartedly.

For UpsideDown Leaders, Teachers, and Coaches

*people with influence who know they can leave the world better than they found it, but keep knocking up against unnecessary power struggles and extreme fatigue

The Butterfly Approach to Leadership,  Teaching, and Coaching

Have you become the leader you said you would never be – short with your team, students, and clients? Dragging your butt to the job every day – tired, cranky, and frustrated? Questioning how and why you got yourself into this position to begin with?

Applying the 7 Principles of Amanda’s Butterfly Approach to Leadership will allow you to create immediate and lasting change with your team, students, and clients, so that you can all feel better, co-create a safe and nurturing environment, operate in a culture of integrity, and increase your productivity.

Partial List of Clients/Past Events:

  • Speak & Write to Make Millions (Motivating the Masses)
  • Global Leadership (Motivating the Masses)
  • Institute for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Corona Women’s Business Partnership
  • Women & Wealth of Orange County
  • Create to Launch
  • Inland Empire Women’s Business Center
  • Willow Tree
  • The Shift Network
  • Strut Your Stuff – Life & Leadership Women’s Conference
  • IEWBC’s Prosperity Conference
  • Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution Summit
  • The Genius Parent Summit
  • Power to Publish – Monetize Your Mind
  • Redefining Womanhood Series with Christine Miskinis

Audiences are Saying…

“I came to Amanda’s event to be inspired, and I left transformed.”

Diane Sessions, Former Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Murrieta-Temecula

“Amanda Johnson has an energy that is contagious! This is a woman that is going far, and who is passionate about taking her clients to the top with her. She has an incredibly inspirational story of dedication and passion that encourages and ignites excitement back into the lives of the people who hear her story.”

Rachel Wolfinbarger, Former Training Coordinator for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center

“Working with Amanda takes you to one destination: RESULTS! She’s a leader that builds leaders and helps you put words to your vision and bring the audience inside of your message. Thank you, Amanda, for the gift you share with the world.”

Allyson Byrd, CEO of The Purpose Within

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