About Me...

I am an Upside-Down Seeker, Mommy, Wifey, Caregiver, Speaker, Author, and MessagePreneurTM who helps others rewrite their stories from lies to love and change their world with their own powerful messages…READ MORE

Resources for Rewriting 

This is a growing collection of Upside-Down Books, Interview Series, and Online Training Opportunities to support you on your journey. Whatever area you are finding yourself the most Upside-Down, I bet I have a book, an interview series, or a course that will help you uncover and take the next step to LOVE...READ MORE

Rewrite with Me

A few times every year, I work with 6 - 8 people in a quiet, safe, and sacred space to help them uncover the story that is causing the most pain, release the story and its pain from their minds, hearts, and bodies, and then rewrite that story with LOVE. If you want some LIVE one-on-one support to help you rewrite your story quickly, then check out this event...READ MORE